Twenty-six studies point to more play for young children

More play for young chil­dren is essen­tial! Stud­ies show that play for young chil­dren is a neces­si­ty for them to thrive, learn and be successful. 

What Improv Can Teach Your Team About Creativity and Collaboration

Play isn’t just for chil­dren! Learn how you can use improv tech­niques in the work­place to build col­lab­o­ra­tion and improve cre­ativ­i­ty in your teams. 

What is Social Emotional Learning and Why Does it Matter?

Explore the basics of Social Emo­tion­al Learn­ing and why SEL is so impor­tant for both teach­ers and stu­dents to suc­ceed in the classroom. 

The Psychological Theories Behind Learning Through Play

Here at i2i, joy LOVES com­pa­ny! So we are always thrilled when we find out that oth­ers have found that same pro­found­ly impor­tant key in help­ing children. 

Florida releases school grades for the first time since COVID hit

Florida’s released pub­lic school grades for the first time since COVID. Based on stan­dard­ized test scores, the grades only tell a small part of the story. 

Teachers learn from Social Emotional Learning Too

A beau­ti­ful thing about Social Emo­tion­al Learn­ing is that we learn as much from our stu­dents and the games as they learn from us. Sarah’s sto­ry is a favorite. 

Improv Boosts Creativity and Psychological Well-Being

Improv-based learn­ing is a high­ly effec­tive means of boost­ing joy, cre­ativ­i­ty, and self-esteem. 

Better Classroom Management Through Play

Play­ing leads to bet­ter class­room man­age­ment! You’ll engage kids, build rela­tion­ships and help ease their dai­ly stress­es and anx­i­eties — and yours! 

I Found Freedom in Failing Fabulously with Improv

When we give our­selves per­mis­sion to fail fab­u­lous­ly in improv, we can find joy in the mis­takes we make. Improv 2 Improve helps us learn how.