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Improv 2 Improve is a pre‑K through 12 instructional program for cross-curricular social emotional learning. 

These fun games are built into your school day as brain breaks or tran­si­tion­al times, so you don’t have to give up or short­en oth­er blocks of instruc­tion time. Each game is aligned to CASEL com­pe­ten­cies of social emo­tion­al learn­ing, as well as speak­ing, lis­ten­ing, lan­guage, and WIDA stan­dards for ELLs and all lan­guage users. 

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The Program

Improv 2 Improve is every­thing you need to imple­ment a pre‑K through 12 social emo­tion­al learn­ing pro­gram. The games allow teach­ers to use their tran­si­tion times for brain breaks that improve class­room man­age­ment while learn­ing and prac­tic­ing the behav­iors of SEL. Stu­dents get to FAIL FAB­U­LOUS­LY while using their SEL strategies.

Kathleen Kenny Instructional Technique

You are enough! What you bring to the game and the world is enough. Kath­leen Ken­ny Instruc­tion­al Tech­nique (KKIT) coach­es and prac­ti­tion­ers focus on what is already won­der­ful while gen­tly coach­ing teach­able moments, giv­ing stu­dents the oppor­tu­ni­ty to FAIL FAB­U­LOUS­LY. It’s not about play­ing by the rules — we’re encour­ag­ing behaviors.

The Engine That Powers Improv 2 Improve

Improv to Improve uti­lizes KKIT to teach chil­dren to play while also giv­ing them the free­dom to explore their emo­tions and their language.

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Our Teachers In Their Own Words

Still won­der­ing how well the games work? Hear direct­ly from teach­ers who’ve already had suc­cess with them.

The chil­dren were relaxed and ready to learn after play­ing a quick improv game. The games can be played quick­ly between lessons, and are a great way to relieve stress & anxiety. 
— Dawn Harrison 
1st Grade Teacher 
Far exceed­ed my expec­ta­tions. My stu­dents were extreme­ly recep­tive to the games. 
— Gin­ger Evans 
After­school Director